Add an Appointment

Appointments can be scheduled from the Dashboard, the Calendar, or the Clients section while viewing a client profile.

  1. Click on Calendar in the top menu.
  2. Click the Add New... button in the upper left corner, or click directly on the calendar.
  3. From the menu that opens up, select Appointment.
  4. Search for a client by their name in the Name field, or search for them by phone number using the Phone field. Alternatively, enter information for a new client.
    Add Appointment UI: Search For a Client
  5. View or enter additional client details in the Client Details tab.
  6. Select a calendar from the Staff/Calendar menu.
  7. Select a service (or multiple services if that that option is enabled) from the Service menu.
  8. Select a date and time for the appointment, or click the Quick Availability link and select a time from the Quick Availability list.
  9. Fill out any relevant custom appointment fields.
  10. If desired, add Appointment Notes. These notes are kept internally and are not visible to the client.
  11. Finally, click Save.
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